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We ensure your factory and warehouse floors provide trouble free operation.

Industrial environments place high demands on their floors.

Our non-marking, low maintenance, polished concrete floors can stand up to high forklift and cart traffic. They will not chip or peel like epoxy floors. They are environmentally friendly and brighten up work spaces. Epoxy and other flooring systems are available for wet environments. 

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Each project reflects our commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetics, proving that functional flooring can also be a work of art.
Dive in to witness the transformation of raw concrete into gleaming masterpieces.

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Who we are

We specialize in Commercial & Industrial Polished Concrete Floors in the GTA.

We understand the special requirements for large scale projects.  

Polished Concrete 1 is built around the requirements of large scale projects. Every component of our operations from machines to processes are carefully optimized to deliver the highest efficiency and quality. 

Commercial/Industrial polished concrete floors require high quality diamond processes and carefully selected densifiers to ensure durable, low maintenance floors. We only use best in class products and strictly adhere to best practices. 

Accommodating production schedules and strategically planning how a project will be completed assures a disruption free project. Sometimes small adjustments can reduce or eliminate conflicts resulting from overlapping priorities.  

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Why Choose Polished Concrete 1 Inc.


We are experts in one thing, polished concrete flooring. We understand the nuances and have extensive knowledge in all facets from installation to maintenance.



We work carefully with our customers to ensure that our projects have a minimal impact on operations. We believe in open and transparent communication. 


We believe in creating a good work environment for our employees. Our priority is to attract and retain the best talent available. 

Safety First

We prioritize safety on all of our job sites. Our staff is equipped with the necessary safety gear and unsafe behaviour is not tolerated.

Diamond Tool Technology

The diamond grinding system is one of the most critical parts of installing polished concrete. We use the industry leading Rossi Abrasives grinding and polishing system.


Concrete Sealers

We utilize best in class Convergent Concrete Technologies concrete sealer/densifiers to maximize the performance of our floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a sophisticated flooring solution where a concrete surface undergoes a series of mechanical processes, including concrete grinding, honing, and polishing, to achieve a refined and smooth appearance.

Why is polished concrete ideal for large spaces over in Toronto?

With our years of hands-on experience in Toronto’s concrete industry, we’ve observed that large spaces benefit immensely from polished concrete due to its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility, making it a go-to for expansive areas.

How is the lifespan of polished concrete compared to other flooring options for large areas?

Based on industry studies and our extensive project history in Toronto, polished concrete often outlasts other flooring options, providing long-term cost savings and reliability.

How long will the process take for a space of around 5,000 sqft?

Drawing from our vast project experiences, an area of this size typically takes 5-7 days to polish. However, specifics can vary based on the condition of the concrete and the desired finish.

What sets PolishedConcrete1.com apart in the Toronto polished concrete industry?

Our reputation in the Greater Toronto Area is built on a foundation of certified professionals, advanced equipment, and consistent client satisfaction. We’re recognized experts in handling large-scale concrete polishing Toronto projects, ensuring excellence in every square foot.

How do I maintain my polished concrete flooring, especially in high-traffic areas?

Our recommendations from years of industry experience, a floor scrubber equipped with white pads or soft brushes (on low pressure) with Pentra-Clean CR will ensure longevity and luster, even in high-traffic scenarios.

Is polished concrete environmentally friendly?

Yes, by optimizing the existing concrete slab, polished concrete reduces material waste. Additionally, its capacity to improve indoor air quality by eliminating allergens makes it a green choice for large spaces.

How does polished concrete fare in terms of cost-effectiveness for large projects?

As noted in industry evaluations and our comprehensive project assessments, the long-term savings from reduced maintenance, combined with its prolonged lifespan, make polished concrete a financially sound choice for expansive spaces.

How can I trust PolishedConcrete1.com with my large-scale project in Toronto?

Our credibility is affirmed by a rich portfolio of successful large-scale projects, glowing client testimonials, and industry certifications. Our commitment is to ensure every Toronto project upholds the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.