Polished Concrete Loading Docks

The loading docks of this logistics facility were in rough shape when we arrived. The cementitious part of the concrete floor had been eaten away so that the aggregate was fully exposed. This is a red flag that this floor may be beyond repair. If heavily soiled and contaminated concrete floors are left unmaintained they can become carbonized and irreparably damaged.

If you are reading this and you have a concrete floor where the aggregate (stone) is starting to show, you should get the problem addressed ASAP. If caught in time, the floor can be fully restored which will provide substantially better durability and life.

We used the Rossi Abrasives 7 grind concrete polishing process on the floor with special attention paid to the first grind. The first grind is the most important step in the process; if the floor is not restored to good condition after this step the process will not have a good result.

The first grind was time consuming but we successfully removed the contaminated surface concrete along with 98% of the gouges and damage caused by pallets and other equipment.

The remaining steps in the grinding process went smoothly and the concrete floor polished well. We used more densifier than normal during the densification process which is normal when a floor is in poor condition.

Approximately 50% of the concrete showed signs of permanent damage. The cementitious part of the floor was below the aggregate which means the grinding came too late. While the floor will still be durable, it will accumulate dirt in the low areas between the aggregate and have reduce life. This could have been avoided by doing the maintenance sooner.

Cleaning is important for all polished concrete floors but it’s even more critical when the concrete has been damaged. The right concrete cleaning product will help extend the life of the polished concrete by emulsifying the dirt so it can be pulled from the floor. It also helps protect and strengthen the cementitious part of the concrete. Cleaning polished concrete with water only will result in a build-up of dirt which will damage the floor.

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