Project Profile: Factory Concrete Polishing Etobicoke

May 13, 2024 | Concrete Dusting, Polished Concrete Floors

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

Building Use: Manufacturing

Size: 10’000 sqft

Floor Condition: Damaged and dusting concrete surface, uneven control joints, multiple high concrete pads, substantial cracking of concrete.

Objective: Restore floor to good condition, protect and strengthen, flatten and remove impact points, repair damaged areas and fill control joints.

Welcome to another project profile. This project is a good example of the current trend of factories transitioning from epoxy to polished concrete. Facilities that do not have chemical or oil exposure are removing epoxy coatings and polishing their floors. This change is motivated by the push for sustainability and more cost effective flooring solutions. 

Many factories in the Greater Toronto Area incorrectly default to epoxy flooring, while industrial polished concrete is preferred in the US with a high utilization rate. The transition to polished concrete has been slower in Canada due to the lack of knowledge in the market. The advantages include high sustainability, lower cost, improved durability and excellent appearance. 

This project is a typical example of a rough industrial floor that required a substantial grinding process to remove the damaged surface. We used a 9 grind concrete polishing process that brought the floor to a 1500 grit finish. This is an excellent finish for industrial floors because it makes them very easy to clean and maintain. It also improves the durability of the surface.

The floor had a substantial number of cracks, holes and damaged joints that required repair. We utilized a hybrid urethane material to repair the floor and ensure a seamless surface with no impact points. This ensures that carts and forklifts can roll over the surface without having their loads imbalanced. It also reduces damage to cart wheels and forklift tires. 

The surface of the concrete had begun breaking down and dusting due to hard use that was not supported with a maintenance program. We addressed this with a chemical process to strengthen, dust proof and protect the concrete surface. This brought the concrete back to a state that is close to its original strength.

The culmination of all these processes resulted in a floor that was restored to a like-new condition with a smooth surface, level joints, no impact points, and a low maintenance finish. When properly maintained, the customer can expect years of trouble free use. 

Polished concrete flooring contributes to corporate sustainability and a healthy work environment. It also increases the ambient light by reflecting light back up into the work space. 

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